Structures, particles and surfaces

Application in technology and biomedicine

Femtosecond Laser Application

fs laser ablationWe have many years of experience in the following innovative applications:

  • Ablation with fs-laser
    • drilling
    • cutting
    • microstructuring of surfaces
    • material modification
  • Additive micro manufacturing with fs-laser
    • two-photon polymerization
      • microfludics
      • biomedical applications, scaffolds
      • micro optics
      • micro mechanics
      • lab-on-a-chip
  • Laser printing with fs-laser
    • bio-printing of cells
    • printing of micro- and nanoparticles

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femtoInk nanoparticles

bottles with ultrapure Gold-, Silver and Platinum nanoparticles in colloidal form and immobilized on a bone-cement implant matrix based on b-tricalcium-phosphate microparticles.

  • Laser based generation of ultrapure nano particles
  • Ultrahigh purity colloids without chemical precursors or byproducts
  • High particle stability
  • New biological, physical, chemical, optical characteristics
  • Nano-characterization
  • Surface functionalization
  • Development of novel bioactive nanoconjugates
  • Nanofunctionalized materials
  • Nanocoatings and nanoadditives
  • Polymeric and ceramic nanocomposites
  • Micro- and nanoparticle combinations (e.g. for catalysis)

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Additive micro manufacturing


  • Polymeric micro structures
    from 100 nm to centimeter size
  • Complex micro systems for application in 
    • biomedicine
    • micro optics
    • micro fluidics
    • micro sensors

  • Development of specific solutions and processes

  • Systems for two-photon polymerization

  • femtoBond, our photo resist series for two-photon polymerization

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EUV Tube applicationEUV Tube

  • Microfocus EUV tube for at-wavelength reflectometry
  • Electron-based EUV source
  • Debris-free operation
  • Long-term stable, low fluctuations
  • EUV power of about 20µW (2π sr, 2% bw)
  • very low running costs
  • automatic start-up
  • computer-controlled

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